self publishing

We believe that every creative soul should find expression.
Clever thoughts, original wit, and personal observation deserve an audience,
and these words and ideas must be put on paper.
Our self-publishing services allow such individual works to gain wider reach.

A collection of inspired poetry that is written and recited for family; a tale of an uplifting travel experience that is shared only with friends; a selection of home recipes that is confined to your kitchen – all can now rightfully make their way into the world through a few easy steps. These self-published works can be diverse in concept and design, and extend to ideas such as photographic essays, short stories, and collections of writings on multiple subjects.

Your experiences, thoughts, and pictures can now be compiled and presented in a beautiful printed format. While you simply deliver your hidden creative talent, we manage all the other stages of the process, including composition, design, editing, publishing, printing, and distribution, at an economical rate. We provide this service to both individual and corporate clients.

Contact us if you have any personal works that you wish to put into print. If you desire to circulate your work commercially, we offer our imprint and ISBN, and facilitate distribution through our global dealer network. We are wholeheartedly committed to presenting your ideas as a delightful final product that can be shared with family, friends, or people everywhere.